TPX now lets buyers make fixed price purchases, place open or sealed bids, or make offers.
Please view our current auctions.   How you take advantage of these new services depend on whether you are a seller and/or a buyer.

There are two ways you can list and sell products:
  1. TPX Marketplace - Any seller may place classified ads in our TPX Marketplace. These can be normal want-to-buy or for-sale ads, or sellers can get more exposure by placing or starting a:

  2. Hot Deal ad which can be viewed when sellers click the HOT DEALS link on the Used Equipment Intro page.

    14 Day Open Bid Auction. Thereafter, if an auction expires and the product is not sold, the seller may access Product Update from the My Account page and start another 3, 7 or 14 day auction.

    Coupon Ads. These are placed by suppliers who want to promote the sale of new equipment, supplies or other products by offerring some discount coupon.

  3. TPX Shopping System - Any seller may start open bid auctions for items being listed in the classified ad TPX Marketplace but sellers must become TPX subscribers to list new equipment, parts and supplies and take full advantage of the fixed price sales, sealed bid auctions and make offer listings.

TPX subscribers can then access the following:
  1. Terms & Conditions - You will need to review and accept these.

  2. My Account - This page lets you access all of the following forms.

  3. Become a Dealer - This form lets you define how you want sales tax handled, what on-line discounts you want to offer and how you want us to bill the listing and final payment fees. You will need to contact TPX if you want to offer buyers any non-standard payment or shipping options.

  4. Product Update and/or Product Add forms which let you add, update and delete product listings and start auctions.

  5. Review Your Bids & accept offers.

Sellers will incur one or more of the following fees:
  1. For-Sale Ad Fee - For-sale ads are free for TPX subscribers. Other sellers pay US$ 50 to advertise a machine until it sells.

  2. Hot Deal & Coupon Ad Fees - These ads cost an additional monthly fee that depends on the seller's subscription level (non-subscribers pay US$ 20 per month).

  3. Insertion Fee - This fee is currently US$ 10 and is waived for subscribers. It is charged each time a seller starts an auction.

  4. Picture Fee - We charge no picture fees. Sellers can attach one picture to each classified ad or product listing for free.

  5. Final Value Fee (2% of price) - This is a percent of the final sales price but this fee is currently being waived for auctions. This fee is charged only when an order is generated by our Shopping System.

  1. Search for specific products regardless of how they are being listed by accessing either our search criteria page or any of our introductory pages.

  2. Or access our current auctions page which lets you easily view a list of all current auctions for a specific equipment or supply category.

  3. When you access a product's detail page you will find one or more buttons that define whether the seller will let buyers Add To Order (ie buy the product at a fixed price), Place Open Bid or Place Sealed Bid, and/or Make Offer. If you click:

  4. Add To Order you will be able to order and purchase the item at the advertised fixed price (plus shipping and maybe taxes).

    Place Open Bid you will be able to place a bid. Your price must exceed the minimum and high bid prices.

    Place Sealed Bid you will be able to place a bid for any price. The seller can ignore your offer, or accept it during the 48 hours after the auction ends.

    Make Offer lets you define an offer price, your terms and when your offer expires. The seller can ignore your offer or accept it as is before your offer expires.

  5. When you use Add To Order function you will get a confirm email and you and the seller will interact directly. After you place bids or make offers one or more of the following may occur:

  6. Someone Out-Bids You in which case you will be e-mailed and encouraged to access the Your Bids & Offers form and submit a higher bid.

    You Might Win the open bid auction in which case an order is generated, you receive and confirm email and the seller will bill you and ship the product (and/or contact you directly).

    Seller Might Accept your offer or sealed bid in which case an order is generated (you and the seller will interact to handle billing and shipping).

TPX sellers can select from any combination of the following listing methods.
  1. FIXED PRICE - When sellers provide a fixed price buyers may add the item to the Shopping Cart and purchase one or more of the item at that fixed price (plus taxes and shipping costs).

  2. MAKE OFFER - If sellers are willing, buyers will be allowed to define their desired purchase price, quantity and terms, and the date their offer expires. The seller may, but need not, accept the offer as made.

  3. OPEN AUCTION - Sellers may start an open auction for any listed item by specifying a minimum bid price and the auction expiration period (ie 3, 7 or 14 days). The minimum and highest bid will be disclosed, and buyers may placed bids for any available quantity at any price that exceeds the highest/minimum bid.

  4. SEALED AUCTION - Sellers may start sealed bid auctions by defining the auction expiration period (ie 3, 7 or 14 days) and no minimum bid price. Buyers may place sealed bids for any available quantity at any price. These bids are binding on only the buyer and may be accepted by the seller until 48 hours after the auction expires.

Use the links on this page to learn more about our services or to contact TPX if you have any questions.