TPX has developed a simple but quite effective Shopping system that can be used to let TPX sell your products from our site, and/or power e-commerce on the sites of 3 types of subscribers or partners for a nominal one-time setup fee and then a low monthly subscription fee.

DEALER SUBSCRIBERS - Dealers can let visitors to the dealer's site shop for either:

  1. only what that dealer sells or,

  2. if the dealer wants to receive commissions on the sale of other products, the user can be allowed to shop for any non-competing product.

If other dealers sell what this dealer sells, only this dealer's price will display and the orders will go to this dealer. Also, this dealer will get copies of order emails sent to other dealers whose products were bought so the dealer can track customer activity and ensure commissions are paid.

MANUFACTURER SUBSCRIBERS - Manufacturers can use the TPX Shopping System so that when accessed from their site it will let users shop for only what the manufacturer makes or sells, and at whatever price the manufacturer wants to offer.

Orders will be emailed to the manufacturer for fulfillment or forwarding to the authorized dealer nearest the buyer.

OTHER PARTNER SITES - Associations, publications and others with graphic arts web sites can also make TPX's Shopping Marketplace part of their web sites for free simply by adding a "Shopping" link.

This is a great way to build traffic, better serve members, readers and other users, and generate commission revenue when visitors order products from participating vendors (TPX will pay 50% of any commissions generated from a partner's site).

Click here to learn more about the TPX Shopping Marketplace, or click the "Shopping" link on the left to play with the Shopping system. Don't limit search to manufacturer other than AB DICK because there are only a few test items to be found. Feel free to add items to your shopping cart and even submit the order so you can see what the buyers confirm email looks like.