This form lets advertisers view, change or delete their active banner ads that appear either on one of our intro pages or on the results page of one of our search engines when users perform searches using the criteria defined in the banner ad record.

The banner ad fees are determined by the page or search engine and search criteria position the advertiser wants to exclusively dominate. Please visit our Banner Ad Rates page to learn more about these ads and their rates.

When advertisers place banner ads they may define the following:

  1. SITUATION - This one letter value determines where the ad is to appear - ie I = Intro page, M = in the classified ad Makretplace, J = Jobs Marketplace, S = in the Sourcebook, C = in the Calendar, E = in our Shopping System.

  2. MAINCAT - If the ad is to appear on a search engine this field can be used to define the main category that, when searched, is to cause this ad to appear. If the sub category field is blank, the ad will appear whenever users perform searches using this main category and do not specify a sub category for which a banner ad has been reserved.

  3. SUBCAT/MANUF - This may be left blank (ie a "main category ad") or used to specify the desired sub category or the manufacturer brand name which, when searched, will cause this ad to appear.

  4. AD FILE NAME - The form lets advertisers define the name (without the .GIF extension) of the file they have or will select and upload. This must be a GIF banner ad file that must be 133 x 45 pixels if it is to appear on our intro pages (ads that appear on search engine results pages can be up to 63 pixels tall and more than 133 pixels wide). The GIF's should be designed to look good when they appear on our white intro pages or blue results page mastheads.

  5. LINK TO URL - This is the URL to which the user is to link in a new browser window if they click the banner ad.

  6. ALT TAG TEXT - This is the text that will appear if the user lays his mouse arrow over the banner ad. The text may not exceed 60 characters.

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