After you start your subscription you may use this form to cancel your subscription at any time, even though you will be obligated to pay for the subscription until the end of the initial minimum commitment period (if any). The use of this form requires an understanding of the following issues:
  1. MINIMUM COMMITMENT PERIOD - Depending on the subscription level you selected, you may have been required to commit to some minimum number of months. If you use this form to cancel your subscription before the end of that period, your cancellation will be effective at the end of that period. Until then we will bill you the monthly fees, and you may take full advantage of the subscription.

  2. YOU MUST BE THE PAYOR - Only the individual who is paying for your company's subscription must cancel it.

  3. DELETE CLASSIFIED ADS - Since even non-subscribers may place Jobs and Marketplace classified ads, when subscribers cancel their subscription we offer them the choice of deleting either the Jobs ads and/or the other classified ads, or not. If the ads are allowed to keep running we will continue to bill the advertiser until the ads are deleted even after the subscription is cancelled.

Click here to access the Cancel Subscription form
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