You can use the back button to return to the page that lists all of your ads and update, delete or enhance any ad by clicking its model number to access the Ad Detail form and then doing one or more of the following:
  1. DELETE AD - Simply click the Delete Ad link that appears on the Ad Detail form and then confirm that you want to delete the ad.

  2. MODIFY AD - Simply click the Modify Ad link that appears on the Ad Detail form. Use the form that appears to change any field other than the long comment.

  3. INPUT LONG COMMENT - Replace the instructional text that appears in the text box above the Add Long Comment button with your desied text with or without HTML tags (see HTML help) and then click that button. The button will then become Modify Long Comment and can be later clicked after you change the long comment text.

  4. UPLOAD PICTURE - To upload a JPG picture click the Browse to find and select the desired JPG file (we recommend 300 x 300 pixels). You will then be returned to Ad Detail form and can click the Upload Picture button to upload the file to our web server.

  5. INCLUDE AD ON HOT DEALS PAGE - You can get more exposure by including your ad on the Hot Deals page for $20/ad/month (subscribers pay only $10/ad/month). Click the Place Hot Deals Ad link on the Ad Detail page to do so, and then indicate how you want to pay the appropriate ad fee.

  6. START OPEN BID AUCTION - Another way to get more exposure is to include your machine in the Auction section of our site. Non-subscribers pay a $10 insertion fee to start a 14 day auction. Before starting an auction you should upload a picture or atleast input a long comment to describe the machine and include your contact information (in case interested buyers are unwilling to place on-line bids).

    Then click the Start Auction link to access a form on which you define your Minimum Bid price and the State in which the machine is located. When you submit this form you will be asked how you want to pay for the $10 insertion fee and/or the possible but unlikely 2% commission which is applied only if buyers place on-line bids in which case you must sell the machine to the high bidder when the auction ends.

If you can't find the answer to your question on this help page, please visit our Help Page Menu (perhaps your question better relates to another page) or use the Contact Us link below to email your question to us.

Or you may use your Back button to return to the previous page.

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