The Order History form lets sellers view all or some the orders that been placed through our Shopping System and even manage the flow of those orders by changing the orders' Statuses to one of the following values:
  1. O = Ordered. This is the order's status when the order is first placed and the seller is notified by e-mail.

  2. P = Paid (not shipped). The seller's accounting personnel might changing a new order's status to this value when they have been able to process the buyer's payment, but the product has not been shipped.

  3. Q = Payment Failed. The seller's accounting personnel would use this value when the buyer's credit card or checking account did not accept the payment.

  4. R = Back Ordered. If the seller had not kept current the product's quantity in our Shopping System, an order may have been submitted for which the item needs to be back ordered. The seller should not have billed the buyer, and should have notified the buyer.

  5. S = Shipped & Paid. Hopefully all orders will quickly have their status changed to this value.

  6. C = Cancelled. This order was cancelled for some reason by the seller or by the buyer. The seller will want to have contacted our customer service personnel and reversed the commission on the sale.

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