This form lets any registered user place classified ads in our Marketplace.
  1. Want-to-buy ads can be free and enhanced and not free (only paying subscribers can view the free want ads). We also have special Pusher and Generator ads which are fully explained on our Special Ads page.

  2. When the form first appears your user information may appear on the top of the form. The information will later be pulled from your company's Advertiser record which lets you only partially or fully disclose your identity (of course our customer service reps will know who all buyers and sellers are and block access to our site of anyone who we learn is not complying with our Terms & Conditions).

  3. If appropriate you may then change the Product Type to Misc Event so that you may select the appropriate Sub Category and use the Manufacturer and Model No fields to describe the event.

  4. You must then select an Ad Type which will normally be a for-sale or want-to-buy ad. For the most exposure you might want a Hot Deal ads (you also get and pay for a normal for-sale ad) or one of our Special Ads.

  5. To describe the product you will normally specify only the manufacturer name, model number and other fields (year made, price and serial number are optional). If the model number you specify is not on file or you are placing a want-to-buy ad, you will be required to specify the main and sub categories.

  6. This form then lets you specify the short comment that appears on the summary pages and, if desired, a specify a long comment using text with or without HTML tags (see HTML help) and or upload a picture.

  7. When you submit this form you will be informed if there are any data errors (ie blank fields), and if the ad is not free we will disclose the fee amount and let you define how the fee is to be paid.

  8. Finally a Thanks page will appear and let you add another ad by displaying and let you change the previous ad's info, or link to the page that lists all of your ads and lets you modify or delete them.

If you can't find the answer to your question on this help page, please visit our Help Page Menu (perhaps your question better relates to another page) or use the Contact Us link below to email your question to us.

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