After you add products to be listed in the Shopping System, you may use this page to modify or delete any of those records. Changing a record's Buy Now and Min Bid prices to zero will cause the record and any related picture to be deleted and prevent us from billing any more listing fees.

When the page first displays, it takes a moment to pass all of your listings and populate the select boxes with each of the values found among your listings. You can then specify your search criteria and click Search. When the page re-displays you will be able to make changes to any of the following fields for the matching records:

  1. BUY NOW PRICE - If not zero, buyers may add this item to the Shopping Cart and buy one or more of this product at this fixed price.

  2. MINIMUM BID PRICE - To start a 14 day auction, simply change this price from zero to some other value. You may prematurely end an auction by changing this price back to zero (only if High Bid is blank).

  3. MAKE OFFER - You may change this to No or Yes. If Yes, buyers will have the option of submitting offers that are binding on them (until a buyer-defined expiration date and subject to buyer-defined terms) but not binding on you. No other buyers will know of these offers or your possible acceptance of them.

  4. ACCESS LEVEL - When you list products in the Shopping System, you may specify a Consumer access level which lets any buyer view the product, or access levels of either Dealers and Manuf Only, or Only Manufacturers.

  5. QUANTITY - If not 9999 (ie you always have this item), this defines the available quantity of this product at the unit levels define in the product's Description field (click Model No to access detail page.

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