When you add or later update products to be listed in the Shopping System, you may define the types of buyers that may buy or bid on this product by assigning the product one of the following Access Levels of A, D, M or P (seller must have Platinum level subscription):
  1. ANYONE (A) - This makes the product available to anyone including all retail buyers.

  2. DEALERS (D) - This limits the products access to shoppers with dealer or manufacturer level access.

  3. MANUFACTURERS (M) - This limits the products access to only shoppers with manufacturer level access.

  4. PRIVATE ACCESS (P) - Platinum level subscriber may set a product's Access Level to P for Private so that the only buyers who will be able to access this listing to bid on it, make an offer and buy it (depending on the options the seller offers) will be those that know to search for Manufacturer = PRIVATE and Model No = the seller's Dealer No (ie the seller promoted the private listings to buyers of the seller's selection).

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