The Pre- and Registration Forms let users become registered users with their own username and password.
  1. The PreRegistration Form asks that the user provide enough information to see if we might already know of the user's company and, therefore, can use that data to populate the rest of the Registration Form so the user does not need to enter that data.

  2. The Registration Form lets the user complete the process to include specifying the Access Level and the portions of our site that might interest him.

  3. When the user submits the forms we will edit the data (most fields are required) and list any problems that the user can then resolve.

  4. Once all data problems are resolved, we add the User Record, send a Welcome Email (with the user's User ID), and display the Terms & Conditions page.

  5. Once the user accepts our Terms & Conditions, the Registration Verify page displays and requires the user to verify his registration by providing the User ID we e-mailed him. If the user can not immediately get his welcome email and complete the verification, the RegistrationVerify form can be accessed from our this page or from our site map.

  6. When after the user verifies his registration, our Thanks page appears and reminds the user to remember his username and password. When the user clicks the Proceed button he will be taken to whatever page he was trying to access when he was required to register.

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