The Shopping System Model Summary and Detail pages display part or all of the information available on products that match the search criteria specified by the buyer. Both pages will display the following types of pricing information if and as provided by the seller (the Model Detail page also provides the related action buttons: Buy Now, Place Bid and/or Make Offer):
  1. BUY NOW - This is the price at which the buyer may buy one or more (up to the available quantity) of the product by clicking the Buy Now button, adding the items to our Shopping Cart and submitting the Shopping Cart of Order Confirm page that follows.

  2. BID NOW - Whn buyers notice the High Bid and/or Minimum Bid Price they will also notice an auction Expiration date (or hour if the auction ends today) and a Place Bid which lets the buyer place a binding bid.

  3. MAKE OFFER - When buyers access the Model Detail page they will notice a Make Offer button ONLY IF the seller is willing to consider without obligation offers from buyers. These offers are binding on only the buyer at the price and quantity, subject to the terms (if any) and up to the offer expiration date specified by the buyer. Sellers may only accept or ignore the offer which no one else may view.

  4. Q & A - The Model Detail page also lets buyers e-mail questions to sellers, and view and respond to any previously posted question or response related to this specific seller listing.

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