The Shopping System Place Bid page lets registered users place bids on products currently being auctioned. This page can be accessed by clicked the Bid Now button when it appears on the Model Detail page. This form looks much like the Model Detail page but also contains the following additional fields:
  1. YOUR BID PRICE and BID QUANTITY - When submitting bids, buyers must define a price that exceeds the greater of the minimum or current high bid, and a quantity that they are willing to buy if, when the auction ends in 3, 7 or 14 days, they are a high bidder.

  2. TOTAL PRICE - Any time the buyer changes either of the above fields he may click the Recalculate Total button to calculate the new total (which does not include any applicable taxes, shipping or handling fees).

  3. PAYMENT METHOD - The buyer may select from among the payment options offered by the seller or, if the buyer requests Escrow Handling, by us. If the buyer selects Credit Card, Paper Check or Electronic Check, when this form is submitted other forms will appear so the buyer can provide the related payment method information.

    If the buyer requests Escrow Handling, we will bill the purchase price and any taxes immediately, and will bill any shipping costs as soon as the seller provides the total (to each amount we will add the applicable escrow fee). We will let the seller know we have successfully collected these funds, but will not disperse them to the seller until the buyer verifies the successful delivery of the desired products.

  4. SHIPPING METHOD - The seller must select one of the shipping options the seller offers. If the buyer becomes a winning bidder, the seller will calculate the shipping costs and notify the buyer (and us if the buyer requested Escrow Handling).

  5. ESCROW HANDLING - If the buyer requests Escrow Handling and clicks the Recalculate button, the Payment Method options will become whatever we offer (ie credit card, paper check or electronic check).

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