The Shopping Search Criteria page lets registered users quickly find any product that is being actively listed in our Shopping System. The proper use of this page requires and understanding of the following:
  1. LESS IS MORE - Until you become familiar with our Shopping System and the categories and brand names, do not specify your criteria too narrowly or you are likely to get None Found.

  2. INDUSTRIES - If the Industry select box appears, you may set it to ALL or a particular industry in which case we will re-populate the Main Category select box with only the categories related to that industry. This may help you find what you seek.

  3. CATEGORIES - If you don't care about the brand name or can't find the brand you seek, try searching by Sub and/or Main Category. Please note that when you change the main category the page will re-display as it loads the new sub categories.

  4. KEY WORD - This is optional, but if you perform a search and get too many matching records and notice a short phrase in the description of the records that interest you, repeat your search with this phrase in the Key Word field. Please note that this works only when the sellers provide complete descriptions with the related phrase.

  5. LIMIT TO - This will normal be left set to All but is very helpful when you are only seeking new or all auctions.

  6. BOTTOM LINKS - We try to include at the bottom of each Shopping System page links to the other pages that might interest and are applicable to you.

If you can't find the answer to your question on this help page, please visit our Help Page Menu (perhaps your question better relates to another page) or use the Contact Us link below to email your question to us.

Or you may use your Back button to return to the previous page.

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