The TPX Sourcebook is the directory in which we lists all North American companies that make, sell or service any type of graphic arts equipment or supplies, or that provide other services to the industry. The TPX Buyer's Guide is the directory the printers and printing brokers use to out-source printing, ad specialty and other jobs. Both directories work the same and offer the following pages:
  1. SEARCH CRITERIA PAGE - This page can be accessed in the following modes: Sourcebook, Buyer's Guide, Calendar or Links. Regardless of the mode, the search criteria lets you define what you seek and submit a search.

  2. SUMMARY RESULTS - This page lists one matching company per line and lets you: send an email to all listed companies, or click the company name to access the company's detail or link to the company's web site if you want to learn more about a company or contact them individually.

  3. DETAIL PAGE - This page is accessed from the summary page and lists everything we know about the company. It lets you contact them by phone, fax or email.

  4. COMPANY ADD/MOD - This page lets you add or update your listings in either of these directories. Anyone can have free listings, and TPX Subscribers get enhanced listings that sort to the top and are fully accessible to anyone (free listings can be viewed only by our subscribers and other users with full access).

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