The Transaction History lets you view only the fees and commissions we have billed you on-line and are, therefore, found in the Transaction File. This form only displays data, but you can:
  1. CHANGE SEARCH CRITERIA - This lets you view only the transactions that interest you. If you limit the criteria to everything from and through a specific date, the results will equal the invoice(s) we emailed to your company on that day.

  2. GO TO TRANS DETAIL - You may click any record's TRANS NO to access a detail page that displays all of the fields for that record to include the individual who was billed, and the account used to pay the amount.

  3. CONTACT US - If you have any questions or think you found an error that needs to be corrected, please click the Contact Us link below.

If you can't find the answer to your question on this help page, please visit our Help Page Menu (perhaps your question better relates to another page) or use the Contact Us link below to email your question to us.

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