The Upgrade Form can be used be subscribers to modify their user info or upgrade or downgrade their paid Access Levels, and by non-subscribers to pay for 7 days access or start their subscription. The following features of this form warrant additional explanation:
  1. Access Login Form - Click the LOGIN link that appears on the Left Navigation Frame and elsewhere. Once you are at the Login page, click the link to the Upgrade form. On the next page that appears, choose your language preference and click Submit.

  2. Request Upgrade Form - As a security precaution, the Upgrade Request form enables us to verify your identity before you upgrade your access level. Please enter your username, email and password, and click Go To Upgrade Form Now.

  3. Complete Upgrade Form - Fill out the Upgrade form completely. If you are the person who will pay for your company's subscription you will be able to define the desired subscription level and, when you submit the form, you will be required how you want to pay the subscription fees. Once this form is complete and submitted, your new membership level will take effect.

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