HOW TO USE THIS HELP PAGE - This page is divided into 4 sections starting with the "INSTRUCTIONS" section that follows. Before each section, you will find navigation links that take you back to the search page or to the section of the page that interests you.

Please read the instructions section or click a link.

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OVERVIEW - When you specify and submit your search criteria, a series of pages will appear in the following order:

  1. MODEL SUMMARY - This page lists all matching models. You may then get more details by clicking "Display Detail" or any underlined "Model No" (this takes you to Ad Summary).

  2. AD SUMMARY - This page lists all matching ads for all of those models or for only one model. You may then generate a:

  3. AD DETAIL listing full detail for one ad. You may then display the next matching ad's detail, or generate a:

  4. ADVERTISER'S EQUIPMENT LISTING - This page lists all of one seller's ads.

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY OPTIONS - TPX subscribers may use the advanced features at the bottom of the search criteria page that let you: search for want-to-buy ads; view only recently added or reconfirmed equipment; or go straight to the ad detail display.


Before you "submit your quiry" you must specify your search critera using the following fields:

  1. KEYWORD - When you specify a Keyword, we will look for all ads whose main or sub category, manufacturer name or model number contain the defined Keyword. You can further limit a Keyword search by also defining the category or manufacturer and/or the country, region or state.
  2. EQUIPMENT TYPE - Unless you specify a KEYWORD, you MUST specify either: Manufacturer, Model, Sub and/or Main Category. You may use upper or lower case letters. Here are some other tips:
  3. a. Specify less rather than more. Be careful with MODEL NO's unless you know how TPX lists a model (ie you will not find a AB DICK "360-CD" but you will get hits on MODEL equals "360 CD"

    b. Manufacturer and Model may be blank or any partial value as follows:

    (1) Manufacturer is a "starts with" field (ie HEI will get hits on HEIDELBERG, HEISTER and HEITMAN TOP);

    (2) Model No is a "contains" field (use a Manufacturer of HEID and a Model No of KO and you will get the Heidelberg KOR, KORA, KORD & KORS.

    c. You may select Main and Sub categories from among the available categories listed in the options in the "select" boxes. You MUST click GET SUB CATEGORIES if you change the Main Category if you want to select a Sub Category other than "ALL".

  4. LOCATION - You may limit your search by specifying either: REGION; COUNTRY; or STATE. Regions are either parts of the United States (ie New England), all of Canada, or parts of the world (ie Europe). Use "states" only in the United States and Canada (ie provinces).


If you are a TPX subscriber or pay $50 for 7 days full access, you may use the following options when specifying your search criteria:

  1. ADDED/RECONFIRMED - You may limit your search to ads that were added or last confirmed (maybe the seller lowered his price) within the last week or month.

  2. AD TYPES - You may search for for-sale ads or want-to-buy ads.

  3. GO TO - If you are doing a very specific search, you might want to go straight to "one line per ad".

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After you submit your search criteria, the following results pages can be accessed:

  1. TPX MODEL SUMMARY - This page lists one line per category or model that matches your search criteria. It tells you the average asking price, and the number of for-sale ads (or want-to-buy ads) for each category or model.

    From this page you can proceed to the Ad Summary page either: without changing your search criteria by clicking "Display Detail"; or while further limiting your search criteria by clicking any of the underlined fields.

  2. TPX AD SUMMARY - This page lists one line per matching for-sale or want-to-buy ad. From this page you may proceed to:
  3. a. Proceed to various help pages by clicking the underlined column headings (ie CURR = Currency); or

    b. Ad Detail by clicking either DISPLAY DETAIL or the first MODEL NO that interests you.

  4. TPX AD DETAIL - This page lists complete information for one ad at a time. From this page you may:
  5. a. proceed to the next ad's detail by clicking NEXT AD; or

    b. proceed to a page listing all of this advertiser's for-sale and want-to-buy ads by clicking "view all of this SELLER'S ADS"; or

    c. send an email to the advertiser requesting more info.

  6. TPX SELLER'S ADS DISPLAY - This page lists all of a company's for-sale and want-to-buy ads. From this page you may:
  7. a. Proceed to various help pages by clicking the underlined column headings (ie CURR = Currency); or

    b. go to the Ad Detail by clicking the first MODEL NO that interests you;/

    c. send an email to the advertiser requesting more info.

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    This section provides the allowable values for the following fields:

    FOR-SALE REGION (A - I are in the USA)
    Y - For-Sale A - New England
    B - Want-To-Buy B - NY, PA & NJ
    N - In-Production C - IN, IL, MI, OH & WI
    CONDITION (Eq) E - Southeast
    A - New F - AL, KY, MS & TN
    B - Like New/Demo Model G - AR, LA, OK & TX
    C - Just Rebuilt H - Mountain States
    D - Just Reconditioned I - AK, CA, HI, OR & WA
    E - Good Condition J - Canada
    F - Fair Condition M - Caribbean
    G - Parts Machine O - Western Europe
    P - Mid East
    STATUS (Owner) Q - Africa
    R - Near East
    E - I have an exclusive S - Far East (except Japan,
    O - I own the equipment New Zealand, Australia)
    R - I represent the owner T - Australia & New Zealand
    S - Serial nbr available U - Central America
    F - Eq not on my continent V - South America
    W - Japan
    Y - Eastern Europe
    C - Converter
    D - Dealer CURRENCY
    K - Broker
    M - Manufacturer US$ - United States dollars
    N - Newspaper FF - French francs
    P - Printing Company UKL - British pounds
    S - Service Providers DM - Deutsch marks

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    TPX always abbreviates EQUIPMENT as EQ. Please review this list of categories, and the list of their "sub categories" that follows.

    Binding Eq Cameras & Eq Collators
    Computer Eq Converting Eq Copiers
    Cutting Eq Die Cutting Eq Folders
    Image Making Eq Letterpresses Mailing Eq
    Misc Other Eq Other Pre-Press Packaging Eq
    PARTS Platemakers Post Press Eq
    Press Access (Shtfed) Processors Screen Print Eq
    Sheetfed Press Thermography Eq Typesetting Eq
    Web Access Web Presses


    TPX further categorizes equipment (and MISC EVENTS) using the following sub categories:

    Book Binding Eq Air Compressor
    Booklet Makers Blowers
    Gluers Hoists & Lifts
    Laminating Mach Misc
    Misc Office Eq
    Perfect Binders Pollution Ctl Eq
    Riveter/Eyeletr Pumps & Comp
    Saddle St-Acces Truck
    Spiral Binders
    Stackers OTHER PRE-PRESS
    Staplers Art & Prep Eq
    Taping Mach Densitometers
    Twin Wire Eq Dryers, Film
    Wire Stitchers Enlargers
      Files, Flat Etc
    CAMERAS & EQ (Cameras & Camera Eq) Film Cutters
    Darkroom Eq Light Sources
    Daylight Camera Light Tables
    Digital Camera Line-Up Tables
    Film Laminator Mask Cut System
    Horiz. Camera Misc
    Image Modifiers Plotters
    Integrators Proofing, Color
    Lights Silver Recov Eq
    Misc Camera Eq Wax Coaters
    Misc Cameras
    Sinks, Develop PACKAGING EQ
    Stat Camera Folder/Gluers
    Step & Repeat M Misc
    Vacuum Frames
    Vertical Camera PARTS
    Binding Eq
    COLLATORS Cameras & Eq
    Bus. Forms Eq Computer Eq
    Collators Cutting Eq
    Decollators Die Cutting Eq
    Sorters Folders
    Image Making Eq
    COMPUTER EQ Letterpresses
    Dye Sub Printer Mailing Eq
    Ink Jet Printer Platemakers
    Laser Printer Post Press Eq
    Misc Computers Press Access
    Thermal Printer Processors
    Work Stations Sheetfed Press
    Web Presses
    Box Making Eq PLATEMAKERS
    Notebook/Pad Eq Camera/E-Stat
    Sheeters Electrostatic
    Exposure System
    COPIERS Metal
    Copiers, B&W Misc
    Copiers, Color Plate Punches
    3 Knife Trimmer POST PRESS EQ
    Corner Rounders Baling Machines
    Cutters, 0-24" Banding Machine
    Cutters, 24-29" Casemaker
    Cutters, 30-42" Coating Machine
    Cutters, 43-59" Etching Machine
    Cutters, > 59" Forms Compressor
    Cutters, Misc Joggers
    Slitting Eq Numbering Mach
    Scoring Eq Paper Drills
    Trimmers Perforating Eq
    Punching Mach
    DIE CUTTING EQ (& Die Making) Tab Cutters
    Cylinder Press  
    Jig Saws  
    Misc Die Cutter PRESS ACCESS (Sheetfed Accessories)
    Platen Press 2nd Color Head
    Tab Cutters Add On Units
    Blanket Washers
    FOLDERS Dampening Devic
    Floor Models Dryers
    Folder/Gluers Feeders
    Misc Folders Misc Access
    Parts & Access Numbering Mach
    Table Top Powder Sprayers
    Press Cont Sys
    IMAGE MAKING EQ Scanning Units
    Pagination Sys PRESSES, MISC
    Proofing System Engraving Presses
    Recorders/RIP's Other Presses
    LETTERPRESSES Diffusion Tran
    Proof Presses Film/Paper
    Saw Misc
    Sheetfed Plate
    Web Presses Rapid Access
    Bursters Cutting Eq
    Conveyors Dryers
    Ink Jet Printers Misc Eq
    Inserting Mach Padding Presses
    Label Affix Mac Screen Presses
    Meter Base
    Misc Mailing Eq SHEETFED PRESS
    Polybagging Sys 1 C Duplicators
    Scales 1 Color, 0-24"
    Sealing Machine 1 Color, 24-29"
    Shrink Wrap Eq 1 Color, 30-42"
    Stack & Bundle 1 Color, > 42"
    Strapping Mach 2 C Duplicators
    Tape Applicator 2 Color, 0-24"
    Tying/Wrap Mach 2 Color, 24-29"
    2 Color, 30-42"
    MISC EVENTS (ie Auctions) 2 Color, > 42"
    Auction 4 Color, 0-24"
    Busins For Sale 4 Color, 24-29"
    Plant Liquidatn 4 Color, 30-42"
    4 Color, > 42"
    TYPESETTING EQ 5+ Color, 0-24"
    Digital Typestr 5+ Color, 24-29"
    Film Ft Typestr 5+ Color, 30-42"
    Front End Systm 5+ Color, > 42"
    Hot Metal Eq Digital Presses
    Laser Typestr Envelope Press
    Add On Units WEB PRESSES
    Counter Stacker Bus Form Press
    Dryers Double-Size
    Folders, Web Flexographic
    Gluers, Web Full-Size
    Gravure Eq Gravure Presses
    Misc Accessory Half-Size
    Rewinder Newspaper
    Sheeters Newspaper/Comm
    Slitter, Rewind Tag & Label
    Stack & Bundle
    Tension Control


    This section of the help page provides some very basic tips for sellers using HTML tags when using the "Long Comment" field to further describe a machine they are selling.

    1. CENTERING TEXT - To center text on a line within this text table, precede the text with the word center inside of <> symbols followed by /center within the same <> symbols.

    2. BOLDING TEXT - This is done by preceding the text to be bolded with the letter b and followed by /b (also within the <> symbols).

    3. UNDERLING TEXT - This is just like bolding text but replace the letter b with u.

    4. SPACING - These commands are also letters placed within <> symbols.

    5. a. Use the letters br within the <> symbols to cause a line break.

      b. Use the letter p within the <> symbols to skip a line.

    To see these HTML tags being used to create this help page, use your browser to view the page's source code (PC users can right mouse click the page and select VIEW SOURCE).

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