Used addressing machines for sale can be bought and sold in the TPX Marketplace along with used printing and mailing equipment including bursters, inkjet printers, inserting machines, label affixing machines, laser printers, polybagging systems, sealing machines, shrink wrap eq, strapping machines, stretch wrap eq, typing/wrapping machines and wafer sealers. Brands include: Accufast, Bryce, Buskro, Imaje, Pitney Bowes, Rena, Secap.
This page is one of the Marketplace intro pages that introduce the site to new users. It helps if you understand that ...these pages force users to select a main category or manufacturer name, and then further define your interest until you reach a page that focuses on one brand name and one sub category. This page will let you view either the company detail page of dealers who sell this equipment, or the ad detail page of matching for-sale ads. Either action will require that you register or later login.

There are over 1200 printing equipment dealers listed in the TPX Sourcebook. Some of the dealers who sell this type of equipment are listed on this page.

Any time you want you can click the USED EQ in the top nav links and select Used Eq Search to perform a search for exactly what interests you. This action will require that you register or later login.

Anyone can easily register and get 7 days full access to everything for free. Thereafter, many users find limited, free access adequate while others become TPX subscribers to get full access and free for-sale ads.

You might want to advertise your equipment in the TPX Marketplace. Anyone can advertise a machine in the TPX Marketplace for a one-time fee of $50 until it sells. Subscribers get free ads. You may view subscription options.

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You may click any of the links below to further define your search or to view specific dealer or ad info.
TPX was founded in 1991 to help printers more easily buy and sell used graphic arts equipment. This led to the creation of the TPX Marketplace where more printers advertise their used equipment than in all trade publications combined!...

In 1995, the TPX Marketplace went on-line for the first time.

Starting in 1996, TPX began expanding its services by publishing the TPX Sourcebook, the most complete directory of North American companies that manufacturer, sell (new or used) or service any type of graphic arts equipment or supplies.

In 1997, TPX began publishing the TPX Trade Buyer's Guide which printers and printing brokers use to outsource printing and other trade services - or buy products for resale (i.e., ad specialties).

By February 1999, TPX had totally rebuilt its web site to improve its used equipment search engine and add on-line access to the TPX Sourcebook, Buyer's Guide and everything else on this Web site. We hope you find it helpful.

By February 2020, TPX had totally rebuilt its web site again to make it mobile friendly and easier to use.

Click the links on this page to learn more about our services or to contact TPX if you have any questions.

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